Friday, February 19, 2010

Why Didn't I Think of This!?!

Painting, Wine and your friends. What a great idea huh? Wendy LoVoy hit it on the head when she created the idea of Sips n Strokes. This novel idea didn't make it's way to Georgia until semi-recently (ok really I don't know when but I've only gone a couple times), but it's been around in Alabama and a few other locations since 2003. They have two locations in Georgia and the owner, Stacy, told me they're looking to open more! YAY!

It's amazing what you can do there. I'm no artist. Honestly, I suck at drawing and well, painting...just ask my coworkers about my Habitat for Humanity paint job...whoa nelly! However after I left this place with two masterpieces (don't laugh) I'd say I'm pretty descent.

My first trip to Sips n Strokes was for an Alabama National Championship painting with a few of my Bama girls who live here in Atlanta. We didn't really know what to expect,but showed up with our bottles of wine and glasses in tow ready for what sounded like an awesome time. The four of us saddled up to our canvas, got our paints and waited to begin. Did I mention you can awesome is that!?! Classes last about 2-3 hours at most and it really seems like 30 minutes when it's all said and done. By the time we left, we all couldn't wait to get back!

Now tell me that doesn't look good! And yes, I painted this ALL free hand, all by little self! I must say it turned out way better than I expected. It's now hanging beautifully in our house divided condo waiting for it's permanent home in the Alabama section of Mike and I's next home.

Everyone's turned out super cool and a bit different! Awesome job girls! Oh, and these are some of my friends from Alabama (L to R) Lauren, Patsy, Me and Pammy

My next adventure was one that I was even more excited for..a fleur de lis! I've always loved this shape, symbol or whatever you want to call it. It just so happens, my better half, Mike, also has an affinity for it. We already have one hanging in our bedroom and I wanted to add to the stash so Megan, Patsy and I headed on back to Sips n Strokes...this time in Dunwoody.

Here is the start of it! I went for some of my favorite colors: purple, black and green!

The final product!

You're probably asking why I put our names on there and you're probably going to laugh as to why I did. For our "impending" wedding, Mike and I want to use the Fleur de Lis as our inspiration for everything. So, as you can see, this will be the start. The colors, the symbol and of course, Mike and I!

Just planned another trip to Sips n Strokes with a dear friend, Stephanie. Can't wait!

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