Monday, February 22, 2010


It's almost time for my FAVORITE day of the birthday! This year, the glorious day falls on a Saturday. Saturday the 13th of March to be exact. For the big 26, I plan to throw down at Lucky Fest, a yearly tradition in Atlanta held at Park Tavern. Shamrocks, silly costumes and green beer galore...that's what's is in store for this birthday girl. My friends are the best and every year make this day uber special for me! Prepare yourself for birthday/Patty's day mayhem!

There are only a few items on my wish list for this year. (wink, wink Mike) I try to not 'ask' for things, yet give strong suggestions as to what would be kindly appreciated (on top of hugs, cards and well a few shots).

LongChamp Purse: Le Pliage collection. Been wanting one of these since college!

A day at the spa...any spa! One of my favorite things to do is let someone else pamper me!

Anything from my three favorite stores. OK really, I have more than three, but these are the first three that came to mind.

I hope you find the time to celebrate with me! As always, Courtney, work your Mike magic on the never let me down. I know they have phones and such in Chile!

**Please note, yes, I realize this post makes me sound spoiled and selfish. But it's about my birthday...and I can be that way if I want to one day a year :)

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Andy said...

We shall shower you in gifts!!!

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