Thursday, February 11, 2010

Best Invention Ever!

Thankfully (I think) I live with a triathlete. Now sometimes his crazy training schedule and mass amounts of Gu energy gels and energy bars take up way too much space in our house, not to mention the countless training books he has. Mike does have one item that I purchased for him this past Christmas for his training that has come in uber handy for me since starting boot camp. I give you...(drum roll) the foam roller!! This thing is nothing short of amazing. No matter if your back hurts, quads, IT Band, Hamstrings, Calfs and hell even your toesies...this magically foam roller will roll it on out. I'm not going to lie, it cost me $20 (give or take a few) and it has been well worth my money! Perhaps we'll move on to the Marathon stick. Another tri-friend of Mike and mine, Andy, says it's pretty incredible too! Perhaps we'll go for the double whammy!

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