Tuesday, February 9, 2010

All About the Etiquette!

I pranced through the door just before 7:30pm last night just in time for The Bachelor. It had been a typical Monday, nothing too exciting or interesting...yet I was still pissy for some reason. No reason to be exact, but I did find one little thing on the counter to set me off a bit...a wedding invitation...addressed to Mr. Mike Morris.

If you know me, you know I LOVE weddings. I love planning them, dreaming about my own, going to them and well, just weddings in general. I've been to my fair share and been in my fair share of weddings over the past 10 years. I've also learned a lot from Emily Post over the years. One thing I've learned and pay up most attention to is invites.

Now yes, I know Mike and I aren't engaged yet and yes, I know some people don't allow dates to be invited to a wedding. But in my pure opinion and for what it's worth...this one pissed me off. Let's be honest. Mike and I have been together for a 1 year and 8 months are are clearly on our way to being Mr. and Mrs. Mike Morris and the invite is sent only to him? To me, that is just a blatant misunderstanding of invitation etiquette! After Mike asked the brother of the groom why, their response...nobody brings a date unless they are married. Yes, because that makes a TON of sense. Like I said, I've learned from Emily Post, so in right fashion, I will not be adding my name to the response card or marking 2 for steak when it'll just be 1.

What this does mean though, is that I'll need to find something to do on April 10th and hell, it wont be sitting at yet another wedding. Perhaps at that point I'll be planning my own.

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