Monday, February 15, 2010

Candy Hearts, Teddy Bears and Chocolate Martini's Oh My!!

February 14. A beloved day by some, hated by many and for me, just another day in the neighborhood! Mike and I decided not to do too much this year just a nice dinner date on Sunday and some cuddling on the couch.

To start our Valentines weekend, I got an awesome Edible Arrangement from Mike delivered to my office...mind you I was working at home that day :)! It was filled with delicious chocolate covered apples, strawberries and lots of other super tasty fruit and a balloon to boot! Not to mention Atlanta got some pretty white snow on Friday which allowed for a night of staying in. We did however have to walk to Whole Foods which is located just across from our house. On our way, we decided to play a little in the snow!
I also decided to pelt Mike in the back with a snowball :)
And I made a snowman, a pretty pitiful one but hey I'm from the south. I'm not good at snowmen!

All and all, we spent Friday night hanging out with Mike's parents in their condo, a mere 8 floors above us, eating dinner and watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. Which I have to say I was less than impressed with. However, the whale thingy they did was pretty epic and now I demand to go whale watching (write that down on the bucket list). Boot camp Saturday morning I must admit was incredible in the snow. We did a bit of snowplowing, a shockingly not too bad AMRAP of runs and snowangels and then a sweet game of snow dodgeball! Just a sidenote, 20 snowangels...way harder than they look! I also hit up Sips n Strokes Saturday afternoon where I painted a pretty fleur de lis! How do you like the final product? Just got hung up in our bathroom as well...yay!

Actual Valentines Day was less exciting, however still a great day with my favorite man! We went to a fantastic dinner at Parker's on Ponce in Decatur, GA and then hit up The Original Chocolate Bar just down the street. The day couldn't have been more relaxing and enjoyable, probably because of the company I was with (I love you Monkey)!

Overall, a great Valentine's Day was yours?

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