Monday, December 13, 2010

Alumni Pride

Most people probably wouldn't care that their High School was in the State Playoffs for football. Most people probably never went to one, let alone ALL of their High School football games...and then some! Well, then there's me! I'm proud to say, even more than before...that I'm happy and honored to be a CHS Alumni!

I grew up with football and sports in general. My parents embedded in my brothers and my head that football was THE thing come fall time! Well...I still believe that. My brother is a mere 4 years older than me. We attended the same High School, just a few years apart. While he was in High School (at Chattahoochee) he played and started on the football team every year.When football season was over, he moved indoors to the wrestling mat! Once it was my turn at CHS, I cheered and become an athletic trainer for wrestling and soccer. I have been to more CHS games/matches, etc. than I can count...between the 8 years that both my brother and I were at CHS.

For the first time in school history, the CHS football team made it to the state AAAA football finals at the Georgia Dome. Mike and I suited up in our white shirts for the 'CHS White Out' and headed down on Marta for what I hoped would be a night in CHS history books! With an awesome score of 24-0 against the favored Starrs Mill High School, Chattahoochee had this one in the bag come the 2nd Quarter. The team looked great and you could tell the energy was high in the air!

Once the game was won and Starrs Mill HS was left licking the wounds of a defeat...the CHS students, players and fans rejoiced with a PERFECT 15-0 season and the first CHS State Football Championship!

It was awesome to see all the fans, parents of players, the HS students and all the alumni that showed up. I was able to catch up with a few of my old coaches and friends as well.

So, congrats Chattahoochee. A job well done and much deserved. I only hope that the students understand how awesome this is a few years from now! As an alumni, its pretty cool to a student/player, I can only imagine the joy and pride they have!

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