Monday, December 6, 2010

Holy Moly It's Cold as..... Guacamole?!

How is it Monday again already!?

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Holy Moly it's chilly outside! I know we live in the South and all, but a high of 39 for the day is just chilly no matter where you are! Good thing I was up early to take Miss Kona out and was able to put a big ole thing of chili (thanks Julie for the awesome recipe!) in the crockpot so we have something yummy and warm for dinner tonight!

On the note of being chilly and Christmas time rolling around, I finally finished my Christmas shopping this weekend. Took me around 3 hours and a few trips to both the mall and a few other stores, but I'm DONE! I played a little elf and wrapped them all too! I love wrapping gifts! I can't believe that Christmas is only 21 days away. Where in the world has the year 2010 gone. I can't believe how much time flies the older we get! What I really want for Christmas, a time stopper thingy like Hermione had in Harry Potter 3!

Also, I just had a nerve wracking experience and was sick to my tummy, but it's all over and done. The invitations have been approved and I have submitted my list for printing. We're 145 days away and that was a BIG thing to check off the list. My total number of invites stands at 90....a whopping 179 total number of people invited. A little more than my sweet mother wanted, but overall I think we'll be happy with the number that can actually attend. I'll have my invites here in a mere 2-3 weeks and I'll be sure to share just how awesome they turned out! Once they are here I've got to package them, seal them and stamp them all up ...  then wait patiently til March 9th to put them in the mail. I can't wait for RSVP's to start scampering back in! In other wedding news, some sweet friends are throwing us showers at the start of the New Year! We can't wait to celebrate with everyone and get the parties started!

Speaking of marriage and all, Mike and I have been together 2.5 years today! Seems like just yesterday we started dating and now we're on our way to getting hitched! Nothing big planned tonight, just hanging out and keeping warm while playing with Miss Kona.

Hope you stay warm today!

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Savoir Affaire said...

Wow! You've already wrapped all your gifts!? Wow! I am impressed! I'm not even done with shopping... in fact, I usually wait until about 2 weeks before Christmas to really finalize everything that I am getting! I work on a tight schedule but I always seem to get it all done!

Lauren said...

Oh Mel, you just let me know when you got those invites back... I am an excellent stuffer, and think once your wedding is done, I will add wedding elf to my resume. Or what was it you called me, the groomsman corraler or something crazy?

Melissa said...

Yes you're my special attendant/elf/corraler of groomsmen. You're the perfect fit for it. HA

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