Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Came A Little Early...

Mike and I decided that we wouldn't do gifts for each other this year. It's been an expensive Fall/Winter with our trips to Las Vegas, Mexico, getting a puppy, wedding stuff and so much more. Instead of individual gifts, I suggested a joint gift that we both could enjoy and use for many years to come...hopefully!

The package came last Wednesday when Mike was out of town in Dallas. Like a good girl, I put it away under where our tree would soon be standing (I'll do a tree post later this weekend!) and let it sit in the box. When Mike got home on Friday, the first thing he did was open it! He was like a kid just ready to get his hands on a new toy! So much for having a gift to open together on Christmas day .... guess the good news is we can enjoy it early! So here's exactly what we got....

Enter our new camera! A Cannon Rebel T2i.

Front of camera
Top of Camera

We were able to score a deal on it at Best Buy on Black Friday...well really Black Thursday after 10pm when they went on sale on-line. Not only did we get the camera, we also got a new lense and a camera bag all for one price! So far we're kinda not 'up' on  using it but we're getting there. It takes pretty awesome photos and even video in HD!

I'm thinking it'll come in handy with having little Kona around, all the wedding parties and fun stuff this coming year...and we're for sure taking it on our Honeymoon to Hawaii!

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Tami said...

I just ordered the same camera from Amazon. I've been eying it for a while so I decided to just go for it. Do you think it's pretty user friendly? I'm a total amateur!

Michael said...

Yeah, I think so. The more I use it the easier it gets. I saw some online tutorials for it as well! So far we love it! Hope you like yours too!

Life, Love, and Labs said...

We just bought our first "grown up" camera a couple months ago! Although I can't exactly make it sing and dance at this point, I love the amazing quality of the pictures. Definitely worth the splurge!

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