Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Back To BootCamp!

Back to life...Back to BootCamp?!

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I don't think the song went like that. However, that's what I'm doing! I started BootCamp with Fitness Battalion in January of this year all because I got a Groupon for it. {Sidenote: If you don't know what Groupon is, PLEASE go check it out and get in on the great deals in your area!}  At first it was rough, I mean rough. Those 5:30AM wake up calls suck and so did the frigid cold. The workouts varied but were intense ... some days more than others. But as time went on and the days flew by, it seemed as if it was working. My weight was dropping and so were my pants size. I enjoyed it while it lasted and then my schedule got beyond busy with weddings, work, travel, planning our wedding and everything else. My BootCamp days came to a close in July of this year and well, just started back.

I'm two weeks into going back to BootCamp. Same company, different location (but same awesome people!). While this month I'm only going 2 days a week in morning (versus my 3-4 day a week Jan-May--slacked off after that), I still feel good about myself and think it's working. When January rolls around, I'll be back to 3-4 days a week with the butt kicking group at Fitness Battalion. I'm hoping to see similar results as before so that I can look ultra hot in my wedding dress come April!

While my friend, Patsy, is no longer living in Atlanta full-time (she's in NC in Grad School), my other friend, Nicole Richie...yes, I swear that's her real name, is up to the challenge this time. We carpool and complain about the cold together, suck it up and get out workouts done! It's nice to have someone to be in misery with while working out, yet even better to have someone to be encouraging with and excited when the workout is over and you get to see the results.

So here's to getting back on the workout train and back to getting my butt kicked every morning in the cold (for now!) at 6am!

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