Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Journey with the Gentle Giants

My sister-in-law has always had a knack of finding really cool gifts for my brother. She does the best job and always find gifts that are interactive and fun! Recently she got him a 'Journey with the Gentle Giants' at the Georgia Aquarium.

If you don't know about the Georgia Aquarium or haven't visited when in town or if you live here, well you should! It's pretty neat and they have some amazing aquatic life and exhibits, including the dolphin exhibit which is set to open in 2011.
Checking in for the Swim!

The Ocean Voyager portion of the Aquarium houses what I like to call "the big tank". Filled with TONS of fish, various species of sharks, 4 Manta rays (which are huge) and some whale sharks (even bigger!). The gift my sister-in-law got my brother was a swim in this tank!
Manta Ray in the tank
Whale Shark
My brother, along with 5 other people took the dive into the tank this past weekend. It was pretty neat to see how small each of the people looked compared to these huge fish and sharks! We were able to snap some photos while he was in the tank!

that fish is pretty close!
My brother in the tank!
Holy moly that thing is huge and right next to you!

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Lauren said...

Ok that is a lot cooler than I thought it would be. When I saw J was swimming in a tank at the aquarium, I was wondering what exactly they would allow him to swim with... Way cool!!

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