Friday, December 10, 2010


A week from today I'll be in a great city, with great people watching one of Country music's greatest artists... GARTH BROOKS!!!!!
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I have to admit that I'm a HUGE Garth fan as well as a huge Country Music fan in general. Garth hasn't been on tour in years and currently has a solo acoustic show in Las Vegas at the Wynn Hotel. This show would be amazing, yet would break the bank or at least put a hurting on my wallet if we tried to attend. However, when we saw that Garth was doing a show in Nashville, TN for the flood victims....I was all over it!

These tickets went on sale a month or so ago and started out at only $32 a pop. I got online and waited and waited and when they went on sale, I struck that "purchase now" button as fast as I could. Just not fast enough. Sad day, right?! I was pretty down on my luck and then my awesome fiance came through with 4 tickets in what look to be perfect seats for the concert. Only problem, they were about 5x the price (and then a little more)! We picked up the tickets and now, next Friday...Mike, Kerri,  her hubby, Scott and I will be packing up and heading to Nashvegas for the night. A night of good food, good drinks, friends and the lovely sounds of Mr. Garth Brooks!

Whether you like Country music or not, this guy is an ICON! Check out his site and discography cause even you might be impressed. Needless to say, I'm so antsy for next Friday to get here!!

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