Wednesday, January 12, 2011

3.2.1...Blast Off...

... your waist line and pounds that is!
I've never been a fan of "fad" diets and all the hokey eating stuff. However, I'm all about "fad" workouts and different ways to kick start your heart rate and make you shed pounds. While I know that losing weight is more like a math equation, I like to think that I can do it myself and in my way...usually, I'm wrong!

I've been doing {yes all of this} Bootcamp, Dance and Personal Trainer/Nutritionist. I've dropped 2.4lbs since Christmas and kept it off so far, so that's good...but I need to drop more. My normal routine is Bootcamp 3-4 mornings a week, Dance 2 days and other workout another 2-3 days a week. This can be cumbersome and often times I don't find or choose not to find the time for it. Though the results are slowly showing and my "skinny" jeans and pants are fitting again, I think there's a new thing for me to give a shot and see if it can't jump start a bigger weight loss.

Blast900 is interval-based training to really kick your body into gear. I wasn't sure what it was all about, but my girlfriend, Nicole, had been and encouraged me to check it out also. With the enticing 'first class free' offer, I couldn't turn it down.Through ice, snow and after almost busting my face today, Nicole and I made it to class. I checked out their website, more than once, to get a feel for what it'd be like. Here's what the front page has to say.

"Countless scientific studies prove that the most dramatic way to change your body is through interval training, alternating high and relatively low intensity exercise. BLAST900's unique interval-based workout "shocks" the body out of its comfort zone, and has you continually burning calories for the next 24 hours. BLAST is what you're not already getting, but everything you've ever wanted from a workout. It's circuit training meets bootcamp, all grown up. It's THE ULTIMATE WORKOUT."

It was more than just a physical workout, it was mental. I found myself looking in the mirror telling myself to keep going, to stay focused and not to give up {I also found myself saying..."Keep running so you'll fit in your wedding dress"}. You rotate weights/core training with interval running on the treadmill. It's 60 minutes of straight work - switching up exercises every 5 or 10 minutes. No water breaks, no waiting around. I've never run so hard, far and fast as I did today. They say you burn 900 calories in a class... I believe them. I left there red faced, dripping in sweat feeling like I really got a good workout in. Though classes cost more than I like to spend ($28 per class unless you get a class card) it does include water, towel and all equipment.

While there are only locations (2 ) in Metro Atlanta, I encourage you to check something like this out in your area. If you live in Atlanta or are visiting anytime soon, I definitely recommend you checking it out. You'll leave motivated, encouraged and great about yourself and what you accomplished just in the 60 minutes there!


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