Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snowed In : Day 4

Do drive to the office or not. This is the question of the day. While I'm assuming I can make it to the office, it will take me over an hour to go 11 miles and lets be honest, I don't need to wreck my Acura...again!

It amazes me how paralyzed Atlanta is by all this ice/snow. Thank goodness Mike and I live in Buckhead where we can walk to most restaurants, bars, gyms, grocery stores. Thank goodness even more for friends who live close to us who can meet us out! If it wasn't for this ... I'd have gone bat crazy by now.

So while all this is at hand and I'm debating what to do about getting to the office or working from home... what I do know is that I need an outfit for my shower on the 22nd and to get to the dentist at 2pm!

Now, how to do that....

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Melissa said...

Made it to the office. Hoping to get to dentist (now a 1pm appt) and mall before heading home to finish out the work day!

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