Friday, January 14, 2011

Awesome Collection at Pottery Barn

I was searching for some gifts as well as items to add to my registry (my one of four that is...) and came across this cool Founders collection at Pottery Barn!

I love the wood and style of each of these items! They could be used everyday for decoration as well as functionally for parties or holidays! Priced at good points as well! Some of them are already on backorder, or no longer available, but check your local Pottery Barn stores for items that could be found in-store (and save on shipping!)

Founders Wine Storage Box    $69.00 

Founders Pedestal   $49.00

Founders Wine Trough    $79.00

Founders Standing Wine Opener    $189.00

Can't wait to get some of these in my own home!!

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Marian said...

Seriously, since buying our place, I have become obsessed with Pottery Barn. I making a fund for that store alone:)

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