Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Get Your Umbrella Ready ... It's Shower Time!

I got a pretty little envelope in the mail yesterday (with the most recognizable handwriting ever) that contained a pretty little invite! Just what could it be for you might be asking?! It's for our first wedding shower...YAY!

My awesome Matron of Honor (one of the two) and her mom are hosting a luncheon/shower for me in just a few weeks and I couldn't be more excited!! It's being hosted at one of Kerri (MOH) and I's favorite little places ... JCT Kitchen! I am so grateful for my friendship of almost 15 years with Kerri and her family as well. I can't wait for our shower and to celebrate with all of the amazing ladies that are important to me (well, without a few who don't live here, but you'll be there in spirit!).

I couldn't get a perfect image of the invite and I didn't want to crop the corners off because you'd lose the cute rounded edges, so you'll just have to deal with the black background of my dirty kitchen table! (sorry, note to self, must clean table!). The invite is beautiful and carries the essence of JCT Kitchen in it! JCT Kitchen is too cute for words, you'll just have to check back for an update post shower!

Thank you in advance Kerri and Karen, I know it will be beautiful and I can't wait to lunch and celebrate with you guys!

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Saying I do said...

so exciting! Isn't it all starting to feel soooo real??

Melissa said...

Yes! It's crazy how real it is becoming. Before it was like a dream/playland of things, now that crunch time is here it's becoming much more than I thought!

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