Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Let's Talk About Price, Baby

Back in August I learned the first time how much of a rip-off stamps were, especially the cute ones! Now, as the day to mail our my invitations is getting closer... I'm right back where I started.  However, this time, not only do I need 1 set of stamps, I need 2! GRACIOUS!

I know I need 100 stamps. I brought my sample (put together) invitation to the office today to weigh it, with hopes of it only needing the cheaper stamp. To my dismay, of course, it needs the $0.61 stamps! Thankfully my return RSVP card/envelop duo only needs the $0.44 postage so I'll save some there. Since I know the amount and weight...I started looking. Here's what I was able to narrow it down to (as I gasped at the prices).

For the Outer Envelopes
Wedding Cake Stamp $0.61. 
A pane of 20 costs $12.20    TOTAL COST: $61.00
photo via here
Fleur de Lis Stamp $0.61. 
A pane of 20 costs $21.41 (nearly 2x as much)   TOTAL COST: $107.25
photo via here 
For the Inner Envelopes
Pansies in a Basket "Love" Stamp $0.44. 
A pane of 20 costs $8.80    TOTAL COST: $44.00
photo via here
Wedding Rings t "Love" Stamp $0.44. 
A pane of 20 costs $8.80    TOTAL COST: $44.00
photo via here 
While I LOVE the idea of a unique stamp and a custom one at that, the thought of paying $107.25 for 100 stamps is nauseating at best. I teetered with the idea and then my mom so graciously told me to come back to reality. Everyone, with the exception of myself and probably my parents will throw this envelope away and not a single person at the wedding will say, "Oh wow, they matched their stamp to their fleur de lis decorations at the reception, how thoughtful."

Then I compared the price.
Wedding Cake Stamp - $61.00   +   either smaller stamp - $44  = $105.00
Fleur de Lis Stamp - $107.25   +   either smaller stamp - $44  = $151.25
     PRICE DIFFERENCE : $46.25

While $46 isn't normally a chunk of change, however, when planning a wedding it is! That $46 could get me 4lbs of  M&M's for my favors! So with that, I've decided on the Wedding Cake stamp for my outer envelope. The big question is {really it's not big at all, I just make things a big deal for no reason, that's just how I roll} which inner envelope stamp should I get. Both are cute, both say love, both cost the same.

What would you pick?

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Marian said...

I would have gone in the same direction as you!! Plus, those stamps are perfect as well. I think we went with the rings for our return envelopes, though the flowers are beautiful as well. I'm thinking I'm no help right now though:)

Saying I do said...

This was great research! Thanks so much..I am just getting to the invitation part of my planning as well and was wondering about this! I used the ring stamp for our save-the-dates. So, in light of that and because we are having a Spring wedding (like you!) I might go with the flower stamp for our return envelope. Question: What color will your return envelope be? One might match better than the other.

Melissa said...

Ours actually is a berry/wine/red color so the flowers might clash. Good point! Maybe I'll take it with me and look at them in person?

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