Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hello 2011, Nice to Meet You!

Happy 2011! I can't believe a new year is already upon us and so much of last year is just left in the dust. I feel like it's a new beginning for me and a new attitude has somehow been transformed without trying ... for now at least. I'm not making "resolutions" so much, more so "changes I'd like to see and goals" this way, if for some reason they fail or I stumble along the way, I don't feel as silly!

Goals/Changes I'd like to take place for 2011
-Keep up the good attitude! I'm quick and easy to get defensive, yell and even times get aggressive. This is something that I've seen develop over the years and get more prevalent in the last few. It hurts my friends, family and mostly, Mike as he is the brunt of it typically. It's not fair and I promised him and myself I'd work on changing. So far as of day 4...we're doing good!
-Be healthy and Stay healthy! I'm not one to say, "I'm going to lose 15lbs this year" and actually do it. Unfortunately, I can say that's never happened though it's always been a "resolution" of mine. This year, while I'm up against fitting in my wedding dress and looking good on my big day and every other day past it, I've started to focus my energy on being healthy. Eating right, working out, splurging when I deserve it and overall general wellness.
-Be better, financially! I've got a little bit of debt...when I say little, I'm talking under $4,000...but debt none the less. Mike and I want to start clean and fresh with none of this in our path when we get married. I've made the decision to pay it off long before our wedding day. I've got 116 days (from today) to get it done. While this means less shopping and less splurging on random things, it also means I'll be able to be financially sound, get a new car and hopefully start saving more of my money to contribute to our future home and items.

What have you decided you'd like to work on for 2011? If you picked some things, how are you doing so far?

I hope each of you reading this, whether you identify yourself or not had a wonderful New Years and I shall leave you with some photos of our NYE party!
Courtney, Devon and I with Dublin

Some of the HHB's

with my favorite man!

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Kerr said...

Dublin is precious!

Melissa said...

He is my friend's newest addition. He's the same age is our puppy, Kona but 4x the size!!

Brittany said...

You are GORGEOUS! Good luck with your saving and paying off debts! That is DEFINITELY on my list as well!

Savoir Affaire said...

How delightful! I'm loving the pictures! Fabulous.

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