Friday, January 21, 2011

Pondering A New Ride

My first car was a 1998 2-Door Tahoe and it was my baby. Named Patrik, for its color and for the fact I got it around my birthday/St. Patrick's day, it was a teenagers dream. It had a lift, nice tires and everything I need to run a muck and cause some trouble. I had this car until I was a junior in college and decided I needed something more mature and safe to drive. My parents (God love them) obliged and bought me my next car....Rudy. I've had my Acura TSX since 2004 (bought new) and it's lasted me this long. While it's red roof has turned a pink shade (because of a defect in the Acura paint for that color) and it's got a nice scrape on the side (dang you mr. pole in my parking deck), Rudy has been a good and loyal car.

However, now I think it's time to put Rudy to rest and introduce myself to a new friend...not yet to be named.

I've been interested in 2 cars, ok really they are both SUVs, for a while now. I've driven both (well currently test driving one for the weekend) and both are great. I am tired of having a car and want more space. Whatever we get now I imagine having for a few years so it needs to be kid friendly and safe.

Enter my choices : Mr. Acura MDX and Mr. Jeep Grand Cherokee

Mr. Jeep Grand Cherokee is the new 2011 body style. I'm interested in the Laredo X package (with navigation and sun roof) in White with Light Grey leather.
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Mr. Acura MDX is the new 2011 body style also. I'm interested in the MDX with the technology package (with navigation and sun roof) in White with Light Grey leather.
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Both drive great. Both have all the bells and whistles I demand, I mean need! Only difference, one is about $10,000 cheaper than the other. We're looking to purchase sometime between now and the end of March so I've got to get my decision ready!

If you had to pick, which would it be?

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Marian said...

Both are great choices. You might want to consider maintenance charges as well...if one is more pricey to fix should anything happen. Both cars sound great...and I always say that if you are making a big purchase may as well get what you want

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