Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Our House, In the Middle of the Street...I mean Buckhead!

When Mike and I met we both were living alone in our own separate abodes. Mike, the owner of a great condo in Buckhead and myself a renter of a nice apartment in the Perimeter area of Atlanta. We spent most of the week days at my house as it was more convenient for us for both work and gym and the weekends at his place as it's near tons of restaurants and the not so booming anymore Buckhead bar scene.

About a year ago, I chose to get rid of my place {mind you I had lived there for 3 years alone and it was my first place outa college} and to move into his condo. Only problem...his beloved it's only oh, I dunno 830 sq. feet. {Yeah, you read that right....}. I mean for pete's sake...we don't even have a table to eat dinner at!! Before I even moved in, Mike re-did "our" closet so that it made room for all my stuff as clearly, I had more stuff than he did and by more I mean like quadruple more items than he did. The closet has worked out great so far but we're still busting at the seams with items everywhere! Tis certainly hard to organize when you have so much....and no, I'm not getting rid of it :)

Over the past few months Mike and I have realized that with the housing market in the state that it's in we're going to have to suffer, I mean enjoy, at least another year in the condo. This is something that's hard for me to swallow as I know we can afford, outfit and enjoy a beautiful home close, but not exactly in the city...and I can't wait to get one. So with that knowledge, I put my foot down and decided we needed to "re-evaluate" our space. Get rid of some things, move others and see what we can do.

A few trips to IKEA and hours upon hours later, we've got a new desk, china hutch and 3 dressers. Just last night alone we've finally picked out a pub table for our "kitchen" area. I can't wait for the night that I get to sit down and actually eat dinner at a table...with chairs...and placemats. Oh what a lovely and novel idea. We're clearly on the right track here! Not saying that all of this is making it better and making me want to live there longer, but at least it'll make the time there livable and more organized and a "home" versus a bachelor pad which it previously was!

In the meantime, Mike and I are working on a plan to save as much as we can, get the condo on the market at the right time {it's a buyers world and a sellers nightmare right now!} and hope that we get what we need on the house so that we in turn can buy our dream home together!

So until then, City life it is for us. Though I do hear the faint voice of the suburbs calling our name!

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Lauren said...

I want to see what you've done with the place!! I completely forgot about the Ikea adventure! Must stop by soon.

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