Monday, September 27, 2010

So Excited About Tonight!

I've danced most of my life so I feel like I have a small, very tiny connection to this show. Ballet, Jazz, Tap, name it...I did it. I love to move and jive and dance makes me feel like me. I recently, okay last year, started dancing at Dance 101 in Atlanta. Dance 101 is an adult dance studio that offers classes to those who have never danced, people like me who danced all their lives and also to some professional dancers. It's so fun and it has it's own little community of people. Thanks to Dance 101 and our performance show this year, I've been able to make some great new friends! We all see each other a few times a week at the studio, but recently have been hanging out outside of dance. Love each of them and feel like I'm totally myself around them.

One of the sweet girls I've met dancing, Stephanie, made my day yesterday by saying she had an extra ticket to So You Think You Can Dance for tonight at the Gwinnett Arena. The dancers are on their nation wide tour and I've always wanted to go. I snatched that ticket up quick as I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show and what it does for dancers. So, needless to say I'm counting down the hours til I get to go see them perform tonight. We've got great seats and I get to hang out with Stephanie and some of her family and friends during the show. SO PUMPED! I sure hope it's as awesome as I'm making it in my mind. I have very very high hopes of the dancers and the performances.

I'll be sure to update after to let you know if its worth seeing in person, or just watching it loyally on TV!

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