Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kickball...Not Just For The Playground Anymore

I'm back in Kickball action as of today. I took about 2 seasons off due to my arm/neck/all that jazz injury and decided it's back to get back to the social, I mean Kickball, arena of life. GoKickball is a great way to have fun, be social and play a childhood favorite game all at the same time. Our old games were off the chain and to be honest, I don't remember playing in some because I thought drinking a 6pack before the game was a good idea...NOT!

Our team, Game Show to Follow III, premiers tonight at 6:30pm. I'd be lying to say if I wasn't a bit nervous (I mean come on, I haven't played in a year...but it's like riding a bike, right!?). Wednesday nights will now be full of kickballing, game show trivia and maybe a beer or two!

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