Friday, February 11, 2011

And They're Off....

The invites that is. We had a wedding party at my parents house where we worked out the kinks to the favors and seating chart board and stamped/put together the invites and I left them there in a pretty little box...organized and all.

taken @ the post office!
Well, the day has arrived. Today marks 8 weeks from our RSVP deadline. I'm one of those crazy people who like to have things in an orderly fashion and not to wait around for people to RSVP so instead of waiting the for the "8 weeks prior to the event rule", I went ahead and mailed my invites. I pranced on over to the Post Office near my work  this morning and delivered my 90 invitations (180ppl total) to the nice attendant. 89 of the invitations will be sent out domestic to people in 12 different states. The 90th and final invitation is being mailed to Papua New Guinea where my cousin, Sharon and her family live. I can't wait to see who travels the furthest to be in Atlanta on our wedding day. I might even do some sort of prize, because I'm just that cheesy!  I feel such relief and excitement knowing that they are on the way out to our guests! Most people will start to get the invitations as early as tomorrow and the rest will trickle into mailboxes early next week.

While our RSVP deadline isn't until April 9th, the sooner we get the RSVP's in, the better I'll feel and have a real idea about how many people will attend. With most of our guests being in Georgia or driving distance, I'm thinking we'll have a little more than the 70% response rate. Once the RSVP's start rolling in, we can start working on our seating chart board and favors. I'm hoping to get a lot of this done sooner rather than later so that I can enjoy the remainder of our engagement rather than stressing up until the last minute.

Tomorrow I hope to head to the store and figure out a way to keep track of the RSVP's. Some sort of box contraption that I can keep organized and on count for who will and will not be there. I can't wait to start receiving the pretty envelopes back with the RSVP cards in them!

Here's to hoping the guest count stays reasonable and that everything stays under control. Hold on tight, the ride is just now starting to take off!

Oh, and Happy Friday from Miss Kona. She recently got a haircut and had her first day at Doggie Day care!
Miss Kona post haircut!
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Saying I do said...

awesome! we are in the process of ordering our invites and I hope to have them out by the end of the month. Also: I love the idea of a little prize for whoever traveled the farthest!

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