Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Where has the time gone? I can't believe this is the last full week of February. This year has already started to fly by. I've been pretty MIA lately and not so sparky on my wedding updates. So instead of wedding updates, how about a whole in general update, shall we?

We're 67 days away from the wedding. Holy cow it feels like the last months of our engagement have flown by in a blink of an eye. We're officially on the downhill of this marathon running home to the finish line. RSVP's are rolling in and we're about ready to start working on favors, seating charts and welcome bags that will be at the hotel. I can't believe in a mere 67 days this will all be over. What on earth will I spend my time on after this? Perhaps starting a family, working towards professional goals, maybe even run a half marathon. Lord only knows. But what I do know is that I can't believe we're so close to saying 'I Do' and being husband and wife.

On that same note, Mike and I are officially licensed to wed. We went and got our marriage license this past Friday. In the city of Atlanta, it takes 6 weeks POST marriage to get your marriage certificate. What I didn't realize, is how many of those said certificates I needed to work with different people to legally change my name. So far I've counted about 8. At $10.00 a pop, that's another $80 I have to spend ON TOP OF the $75 we spent for our marriage license. What a rip off. Regardless, we're now officially ready to get married.

A few of my good friends have had some great things to celebrate recently as well. My sweet friend Carla is getting married a mere 13 days before us in sunny Mexico. While we can't attend the wedding, we wish them much luck and love. My other friend Kristin and I will be hosting a shower for Carla on March 5th. We can't wait to celebrate with her. Kristin also just got engaged over Christmas and is getting hitched in August in Charleston. We are so excited for her and her Mike and can't wait to see them tie the knot. In other wedding news, our friends Megan and John are getting hitched the weekend after us in Tennessee. While we wont see them get married, we know it will be beautiful and wish them much joy and happiness! Erin and Jon recently got engaged and are in the thick of planning. It's been so fun to chat with her about all the things she wants! Can't wait for the big day a year from now! We also have some exciting family news, but you'll have to wait to hear what that is in a little bit. It deserves a post all in itself!

Mike and I's bachelor/bachelorette parties are only a few short weeks away. While he'll be partying up his single days in Las Vegas, my girls and I will head to Nashville, TN for a weekend of fun! Thanks to my sweet friend Lauren (and Sir Todd as well) for the Marriott hookup! I'm sure there will be more than one post about the bachelorette debauchery that will ensure in a few weeks. Not only will the trip to Nashville be my bachelorette party, it'll also be during my 27th birthday. Oy! I'm getting old! We're also having a "girls night out" later in March as a second bachelorette here in Atlanta for those who can't make Nashville. This will also help keep my mind off of Mike in Las Vegas! Can't wait for both of the parties.

Speaking of parties, we have a shower this upcoming weekend hosted by our awesome friends, Courtney, Devon and Maria. Needless to say, I CAN'T WAIT! It's a couples shower so there's bound to be lots of laughter, good drinks and good times. Thanks in advance ladies for all you have done and I know it will be beautiful and we are thankful beyond words for you hosting this for us!

Looking forward to the next 67 days and all the craziness that's in store.

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