Friday, February 4, 2011

Dinner, Jousting, Comedy and Super Bowl Sunday....

I'm going to manage to have date night, watch a jousting match, get in on some improv comedy and watch the Super Bowl ALL in one weekend. Sounds exhausting already!

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Tonight Mike and I have date night. A nice way to end a rainy and cold Friday! We usually keep it low key on Friday's so I'm pretty excited to hang out with him tonight and Baby Kona after dinner. We're going to try out Highland Tap for dinner. We've gone for drinks before but never for a full meal. The rumor on the street is that they have great burgers and steaks!

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Saturday is hopefully going to be a prettier day here in Atlanta than it was today. I plan on getting up early and hitting up bootcamp to get my metabolism in gear for what the rest of the day will hold. A lot of our friends are turning 30 this year so with that comes fun 30th birthday parties. The one we're going to Saturday night is a surprise party at Medieval Times. What is Medieval Times you might ask? Well it's 2 hrs of jousting in a makeshift 11th century style Medieval Spain castle. Fully equipped with a 4-course meal and hopefully crowns and tiaras. Only caveat...booze is pricey and there is NO in, you eat with your hands. Needless to say, I'm stashing some from the office as my nails are too pretty to get nasty turkey leg under neath the nails and my clothes are too nice to have grease running down them!  We're also hitting up another birthday party post jousting and turkey legs. We'll be meeting up with another group for some laughs and hopefully not too embarrassing of a time at Whole World Theatre in downtown Atlanta. Looking forward to so improv comedy. Never been here but we were assured it will be a good time. I'll give you my full report post weekend.

Also this weekend is the clash of the cheese heads and steel makers. The XLV Super Bowl will I'm sure be boring as usual. Sadly, I'm not really a fan of either team so I'll be sporting gold since it is neutral for both teams. I really watch the Super Bowl for the commercials, though the last 2 years I've been quite disappointed with what the advertisers have come up with. Budweiser has already started their "teaser" commercials...even those aren't enticing. The one good thing about Super Bowl Sunday, Glee will have a new episode post game and it looks like Michael Jacksons' Thriller will be jammed out by the lungs of the cast. We're attending a party hosted by our sweet friends Jon and Erin at their home. Can't wait to help cook up some goodies and hang out with our friends. Here's to hoping it'll be nice enough to hang out by the fire pit rather than everyone being inside!

Who are you cheering for? 

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Happy Friday and hope you guys have a great weekend!

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