Friday, February 25, 2011

Tanning Experience Wrap Up

Decided to give spray tanning a try before our shower this weekend. My dress is peach. My skin is not so much tan...see where I'm getting at?

So yesterday I blogged about how I was trying out VersaSpa for the first time. The process seemed easy and it was pretty quick. I did the medium color with moisturizer. I left there feeling pretty confident in how it'd turn out. I did what they told me about put this here, don't touch there. About 1.5 hours after I got sprayed, I noticed HUGE streak lines on my legs and arms.I called the salon I went to and asked what to do. While you normally let it sit for 3-4 hours and the color develops over that time...mine only sat for half that time. Needless to say, the streaks went away when I showered BUT I was no darker than I was when I went. Fail.

Palm Beach Tan graciously offered to re-spray me for no fee today. I was weary that the same issue would happen. I hit up the office in the morning and then left close to lunch time to get ready for my spray experience again. I came home and showered and ex-foliated like no other. Headed back to the salon for my next spray. I'm about an hour into it and the lines aren't nearly like they were last night. So far, Ill give the experience a B. If my tan turns out alright after I shower off tonight (before heading to the Thrashers game) and it looks good tomorrow, I'll consider increasing my experience.

Overall, I really need to figure out how to get tan before the wedding!

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futuremrsmathewwolfe said...

hmm tanning is just such a weird experience. it's cant use a tanning bed or else you could get cancer, but you cant use a spray or lotion because of streaks. i use bare essentials tanning lotion on occasion. it is already brown, so you can see where to put it, but you'd definitely need a friend to help you get your back, back of your arms, backs of your legs, etc so you don't get streaks.

Rian Edwards said...

You should try out a self tanning lotion called Fake Bake. You can buy it on amazon. It's a lotion that is colored a really dark brown so you can see where you're putting it on, where the streaks are, if it's on too thick in some places, etc. I used it when I was going through my chemo and wasn't allowed to use a tanning bed. It's seriously better than any spray tan I've ever had. I LOVE IT! Just a suggestion ....

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