Tuesday, February 1, 2011

3 Months and Counting...

Things are really starting to pick up on the wedding front! We're 88 days away from saying 'I Do' and from becoming just a couple to husband and wife. I can't believe how close it is and how much time has already passed!

We now have both of our wedding bands. I picked Mike's up in early January and it looks great. He isn't so sure of the idea of a ring yet, but he'll get there. In no time after wearing it he'll not even realize it's there...hopefully! We went with Tungsten for him since he didn't want anything too flashy or shiny. Mine was ready when we picked his up, however I wasn't happy with how thick the band was and how the diamonds were set. They had to redo it for me and I just picked it up yesterday. I was really impressed with how it turned out after the "re-do". Much better. It's a lot of bling though! I'd post pictures, but I don't want to share just yet what my band/ring looks like. You'll just have to wait!

Sunday was wedding project central at my parents house! Kerri, Danialle and Lauren came over for reinforcement! They were great little wedding elfs! We got all the invites organized, addressed and stamped up ready to go. While I'm not mailing these for another 2.5 weeks, at least I can rest easy knowing that the process is complete. For now they're sitting in a box ready for me to pick up and take to the post office!

We also worked on our seating chart board. I got inspiration from a Martha Stewart post a long time ago and was set on doing it! We hunted down some gorgeous ivory fabric with a bit of a pattern (nothing too overbearing), a 30x40 canvas, map pins and some little envelopes. I can't wait to see this all come together! I've always been the traditional with a twist kind of person and that's carrying right through my wedding as well!

The real jam came when we started working on the favors. I blogged about the mason jars I'm doing for each person attending.  While we tried more than a million different ways to make them work with the lime green krinkle paper, ultimately we decided to fill them full with M&M's. This was going to call for WAY more than we had anticipated however, thanks to the generosity of a certain "fairy", we're able to make this work. I'm ecstatic and FOREVER grateful to the "fairy" that made it possible. We're still waiting on the M&M's to arrive and then we'll be filling them up and tying on the tags. Can't wait to see how they look on the tables!

On the sour note, my first dress fitting didn't go as well as I wanted. While it fit beautifully in the legs/waist area...it didn't zip at the rib cage...even when clasped at the top. Our seamstress is letting the dress out about 1/2 inch to see if this will help alleviate the problem. I'm worried the shape of the dress will be lost (which would ruin the dress) and that it will look like it was let out. Hopefully this doesn't happen because if it does, we'll be right back at square one with no dress...and very little time! I'm slightly concerned about how it will now look, but am trying to keep my hopes up and spirits up as to it looking flawless.

Most everything else is right on track! We've got another shower on deck in late February hosted by our dear friends Courtney, Devon and Maria. Can't wait to celebrate with everyone and really kick it into party gear! Then it's onto the Bachelorette party, which is still in the works!

My sanity is still in tact, but I feel it slipping away. Any advice on staying calm and keeping it all in check is always welcomed and appreciated :)

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Nicole-Lynn said...

Sounds like you're making progress! Fun! :) I can't offer any advice sorry.. I'm in the same boat! haha

My showers are both in March and bachelorette is the first weekend in April. :)

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