Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

While I know it's another Monday and a silly "Hallmark Holiday", I still love Valentine's Day. I tell Mike and those close to me that I love them all the time, but feel like today is a day to really make those who matter to you feel loved. I knew I'd want to be in a good mood today, so I hit up BLAST900 up early at 5:45 to get my morning started. When I got in my car, my navigation popped up a little note.
Guess this was his idea of a card? Either way, it was super sweet and cute. I wish it would stay on all day, but it only pops up the first time you start it up in the morning. Baby Kona and I got Mike some Valentine's Day cards and left them on the counter for him this morning.Got to work and had some chocolate waiting on my from my coworkers. They are too kind. Even though I'm watching what I eat and all, today is a splurge day (hence the workout in the AM!).

A little Valentine elf, perhaps Cupid himself, delivered some goodies as well.They are just too cute to eat! For now they can sit and stare at me from my desk! Mike really does like to make me feel special! Really looking forward to our dinner date tonight at Restaurant Eugene! I'll be sure to re-cap and give my $0.02 on how awesome the joint is.

To everyone out there in blogger-land, whether you "follow" and identify yourself or not, Happy Valentine's Day. Hope you enjoy it with the one you love, animal you love, or doing something that you love. If for nothing else, do something for yourself today! Everyone deserves to feel loved and special!

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~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

That is too sweet! I would much rather prefer that over any card. I didn't even know the navigations could do that.

Lauren said...

I had no idea Rudy had such an awesome feature!! Glad you and Mikey are having a great Valentine's Day!! I sure do wish he had a brother... :) Love y'all!

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