Monday, October 11, 2010

It's VEGAS WEEK! Only 2.5 more days in the office and then I'll be Sin City bound! Looking forward to getting away for a few days and hanging with Mike, his family and most importantly, playing with my {future} niece, Lizzie and nephew, Brody! They are the cutest little things EVER! Lizze is going to be our flower girl and I'll be bringing the dress I purchased for her along to Vegas so she can try it on and take it home. She had her mother send me an email just to make sure that 'Miss Melissa' would be bringing her dress! TOO CUTE! But before Mike and I head to Vegas, we'll be hitting up the Cumming Fair tonight! It's $15 all you can ride...BRING ON THE CIRCUS RIDES! I'll be sure to capture some shots and post about it later this week!

I spent almost all day yesterday with my mom working on wedding stuff. We scoured places, checked prices, got a few items and figured out exactly how much was left to really do. We're 201 days away from THE big day. Only 201 more days of being Melissa Evans. WHOA NELLY! I feel confident we can get everything done. I might have to give up some time on the weekends to hang with friends to ensure this, but it'll all be worth it! To all my bridesmaids, well your gifts got assembled yesterday..they look AMAZING! I want to keep them for myself, but clearly, cannot! You'll just have to wait til our luncheon at The Swan Coach House the day that's right...keep waiting for 200 more days :)

In other news, my friend (and co-worker), Vanessa, is about to give birth to her second baby boy this week! Her first born, Parker, is adorable and is super excited about being a big brother! I can't believe she's still in the office this week and when I get back in town, another little boy will be here...hopefully with the name Lucas since that's what I've been calling him since I knew she was preggo! We've got 3 other babies due in our office this year as well!

Also in exciting news, my girlfriend, Carla, got engaged this weekend! Huge CONGRATS to her and her now fiance, Harris. He proposed on her birthday (yesterday) while they were in Austin, TX at the music festival. She sent a text to a few of our friends in the group with a picture of the ring and I must admit, it's BEYOND pretty! Can't wait for your big day, Carla! You deserve it girlfriend and I know you're over the moon happy!

Hope everyone else has a happy, exciting and fun filled week ahead!

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