Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Grand Exit

After the vows are said and the party is done, it's time for the reality of marriage to begin. But before we can head out on our marry way, we must have a departure. Like most things I do, and especially in regards to our wedding, I try to be different. I pondered a few ideas of what I'd like Mike and I to do our grand exit to, but most things I thought of, well so did everyone else. Here were a few of my ideas

Idea 1: Sparklers
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Idea 2: Bird Seed
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Idea 3: AirHorns
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So after some more thinking as none of these would do, Mike and I came up with something that is semi-unique and symbolizes one of our favorite things...FOOTBALL! While I am an alum of The University of Alabama and Mike of The University of Georgia, we decided that shakers (or pom poms as my mom calls them) would be our best bet. We're hoping this really shows in pictures and that the crowd will be split in what they choose!
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So in 38 days (holy moly every time I see this I freak out a little bit), we'll be proceeding with our grand exit through a sea of Crimson and White (YEA ALABAMA) and Red and Black (Go Dawgs) to our getaway car ... a 1941 Cadillac!
Sorry for the bride and groom in the pic...stole it off the company's website :) 
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Nicole-Lynn said...

Cute ideas! We chose to do ribbon wands!

The Vintage Modern Bride said...

ah i love the pom poms! we're doing sparklers :) btw...i'm so jealous of your getaway car! i love it :)

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