Friday, March 11, 2011

A Heart of Gold and A Shaved Head

Mike is one with a calm demeanor and a heart of gold. He doesn't get frustrated easily and he's always there to help. For the past 3 years Mike has stepped up as a hero and volunteered his time (and hair) to help support St. Baldrick's.
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St. Baldrick's is a wonderful organization that raises money for Childhood Cancer Research. Here's how it works, Shavee's pony up and raise money to shave their heads for this cause. There are huge events, usually around St. Patrick's Day (at least here in Atlanta they are). Often times shavee's are friends and family of Cancer patients, Cancer patients themselves and often times, there are people like Mike who just like to do good.

The atmosphere at St. Baldrick's is amazing. Everyone is laughing, smiling and having a good time. At the St. Baldrick's location Mike participates at, Fado Irish Pub, there are 67 Shavees and they have raised a collective $79,207. Talk about awesome!

Here are a couple pictures from Mike's head shaving last year at St. Baldrick's

during the head shaving

post head shaving
Typically Mike raises around $2,000 for this each year. With his late start on entering this year, he's only set his goal at $1,000. All the money doesn't have to be raised by today, I believe it's an ongoing donation. If you feel in your heart to donate, that'd be great, but by no means feel that you have to! You can get to his link by clicking on his name above.

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