Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Momma Needs a New Toy ...

With our wedding and honeymoon only 2 months away (holy crap), Mike and I have been discussing a big purchase. No, not another house, but a pricey piece of technology. The candidates?

While I realize 2 of the above are much more similar than the 3rd, we're discussing all of them ... and some other tablets that I'm not real sure of the name to be honest. I want it more for reading, games, pictures, entertainment on a 14 hour flight and beach time. I think Mike is looking at it more from a reading and price perspective. Rumor is that iPad 2 is being announced tomorrow, not sure when it's going to be released. We need this prior to the wedding so that we can take it to Hawaii with us! If you had to pick one of these 3 items, which would it be and why?

My vote :Apple iPad - most functional piece of the 3. I can read, email, browse and play games. Not to mention the new one has a camera and can store our photos!

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Fran said...

I looove my Kindle. It's great but ff you're using it for more than reading, then I would probably go with the iPad as well, however, if you're reading on it a lot, the iPad does make your eyes hurt and you can't really read well on it if the sun is hitting it.

Saying I do said...

agreed! we're thinking of getting an ipad for the honeymoon, too!

Graham said...

I would have to say the I-pad, too... but I will tell you that they are not great for poolside reading. The bright sun makes the screen really hard to see. That is the ONLY downside, though. Plus-side = Plants vs. Zombies :) And TWO MONTHS?!? Yay!! We can't wait!!

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