Friday, March 4, 2011

It's a Numbers Game!

So we're in the downhill of this whole engagement thing and onto the upswing of marriage. We're 57 days away from saying 'I Do' and the days are flying by. Before I know it, April will be here.

Invitations went out a few weeks ago and I'm quite impressed with the rapid response we have received. Here's a breakdown of where we stand so far.

Total Number of Invites Sent : 90
Total Number of People Invited : 181
RSVP Cards Received : 49
RSVP Cards in Limbo : 41

YES : 85
No : 6
Worst Case Everyone Else Says Yes Scenario : 166

I have it budgeted for 150 as my headcount. Chances of 16 more people saying no (or 8 couples out of 41) I think is pretty good. Here's to hoping we hit that number. Anything below 150 would be golden too! It's quite sad that my mom gets excited when we get No's! HA!

Other wedding things are starting to wrap up. We're in the midst of starting our seating chart, favors, "leaving" item, wedding gifts and basic ceremony/reception stuff. Crazy to believe in such a short time all the planning will be done and the party will be here. Lord only knows how I'll spend my time afterwards. I spend so much time planning, thinking and doing that I've got a feeling I'm gonna be ULTRA bored afterwards! Good news is we have a few friends just starting the planning so I'll be helping out there and partying it up with them!

In other news, next Friday some of my favorite girls will be heading to Nashville to party it up for my Bachelorette/27th Birthday bash! To say I'm excited is an understatement. I'll be blogging more about our impending adventures over the next week!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and something fun on tap. For me, it's date night tonight at The Capital Grille and tomorrow is a crazy day of shower hosting and Bachelorette fun for my sweet friend, Carla! On a sad note, please keep Baby Kona in your thoughts as she's having some surgery today to get spayed and her baby teeth pulled. Yes, I realize she's just a dog, but she is my baby girl and I love her so much!

Happy Friday!

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