Thursday, March 10, 2011

Self Tanning Experience : Round 2

One of the girls I BLAST with, Hilary, and I had chatted about self tanner when I was trying to get 'tan-ready' for my peach dress I was wearing to the shower a few weeks ago. I was going to get Versaspa done and well, it turned out a little worse than I wanted. Hilary recommended Tan Towels and vouched that they were good and that they'd leave you not orange or streaky. So, I took her up on trying these little gems.

photo via here
I have to admit. I was quite nervous about this. The thought of just wiping the towelette across my body and hoping that it would be even with no streaks and not be orange in color. So with some advice from Hilary on how to apply, I mustered up the courage and did it last night. After showering and exfoliating as much as I could, I toweled off and started to apply the Tan Towel

I also have to admit that I was quite impressed with how it turned out. While I have 2 lines where the color stops on my wrists, the rest of it looks great! The reason for the line stops is because I washed my hands 2 times and went kinda high up as I didn't want them to turn super orange! Well lesson learned, leave it as it is!

this morning after I woke up
I put a little more on my  hands/wrist this morning in hopes to fix the line. So far, I think it helps. To the naked eye, it definitely has. In photos, maybe not as much. I might even put a little more on tonight so that I can get a bit darker before the weekend!
after the "fix" of the wrists
I picked mine up online at Sephora and would honestly recommend these to others. For $24 you get 5 towels which will cover your whole body. They come in different shades and also offer a moisturizer option to keep your tan longer.

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Kerr said...

I love tan towels, they are the best!

Britt said...

A lot of the girls who I work with swear by these things. I will have to try them out.

futuremrsmathewwolfe said...

wow i never wouldve thought that the tan towels would work and not be streaky! glad to know they worked for you! i may have to go out and try them!

Nicole-Lynn said...

I need to look into it!Thanks!

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