Monday, March 21, 2011

Another Week ... Oy!

Hello, Monday. So we meet again. Thanks to my 5:15am wakeup call and intense BLAST class this morning, we've already been hanging out a while. Hopefully I'll be saying bye-bye and Hello Tuesday soon!

Yesterday we headed up to my parents for my belated birthday lunch. The food was super yummy and the cake was to die for. How cute is this cake? My sister-in-law got it from Whole Foods. It was almost too pretty to eat. It tasted just as good as it looked!
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I also got some great stuff from my family. AMEX gift card and Pottery gift card from my parents (and Bailey Boo, our family puppy), an ADORABLE J.Crew 'Just Married' tote (I'll snap a photo tonight) and a gift certificate to Duke's Restaurant in Hawaii. With the help of my sneaky fiance, my sister-in-law/brother found this restaurant and knew it was at one of the hotels we're staying at in Kauai! Such a unique and useful gift! Can't wait to get some good stuff with all my gift cards and to use my tote on the honeymoon!

This week is starting off slow, but will end with a bang. My sister-in-law and I will be heading to JCrew for a private event at their Lenox location on Thursday. She's more than excited about meeting Jenna (JCrew's resident fashion aficionado) and getting some shopping in. Also, Mike is leaving for his bachelor party in Las Vegas on Thursday with a few of the guys. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't concerned/nervous/sick to my stomach about what will go on out there. I've made myself clear to all parties attending how I feel about certain things. Lets hope they keep it in check while having a wonderful (drunk) time. Thank goodness my girlfriends will be keeping me in check while he is gone. Saturday, while Mike is partying it up on the Vegas strip, I'll be having a good time myself in the Virginia Highlands. My friends and I will be hitting up Pozole restaurant and bar hopping/causing a ruckus post dinner. Look out Atlanta, this could get interesting!

In other news, I paid off one of my credit cards this past weekend! It feels so good to know that I don't owe anymore on that card. I'm halfway done with my other card and should have it paid off by the end of May. Once that's's time for a new car! I blogged back in January about my choices and I'm still unsure of what I want. This too will come down to a numbers game ... so get ready to wheel and deal! Mommy wants a new ride!

This week also marks the downhill to the wedding. 40 days til the wedding to be exact. I'm not real sure where the last 326 days have gone. What I do know is that I've still got a lot to do in 40 days. God willing the hangover isn't too bad, I'll be heading to my parents on Sunday to get some stuff done with my mom. The little things on the list are piling up and we've got to get them tackled. It'll be April 30th before we know it.

Update on RSVP's. We've had a cease on receiving them in the mail. I haven't received an RSVP in almost a week. Yes, I'm that sad about it. I get so excited when a red envelope is in the mail!

Total Number of Invites Sent : 90
Total Number of People Invited : 182
RSVP Cards in Limbo : 33
YES - 99
NO - 6 (so really 11 ppl)
Worst Case Scenario - 162

The RSVP deadline is fast approaching ... only 2 more weeks! I sure hope we get all the responses in by then. Really don't want to have to call and hound people to find out if they are attending or not! So if you're reading this and are invited to the wedding and have YET to send in your RSVP...GET ON IT!!

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Britt said...

Duke's is so yummy! We go there every year for Easter brunch in Malibu. What a great gift! And the cake looks amazing too.

Melissa said...

oh yeah? what should i eat there?!

Nicole-Lynn said...

So exciting! We received about 15 back and we sent out close to 80. I hope we receive a bunch this week. Our deadline is 3/30.

Melissa said...

I hope you do too! It is frustrating when they don't come in but so exciting to get them in the mail! Good luck!!

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