Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Vote for Scotty!

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Scotty McCreery from Raleigh, NC and I have a connection. His daddy and I work for the same company. I mean it's not like I know his daddy personally, though I have emailed with him before. Scotty made it through all the craziness of auditions, Las Vegas week and onto the top 24 for American Idol. 
photo via here 

Scotty has the voice of an angel in my opinion and he is perfect for Country music. His sound reminds me so much of Josh Turner. Deep and soulful with a genuine twang. He's also a cutie pie! While I am annoyed that American Idol is on for 3 freaking nights (boys sing Tuesday, girls sing Wednesday, announce who is going on Thursday), I'll be glued to the TV tonight and voting for Scotty to help him through this next round...and every round after that.

So GOOD LUCK, Scotty! Make the South, Country Music and Schneider Electric proud!

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