Friday, March 25, 2011

J.Crew Private Event Wrap Up

My sister in law, Danialle, is obsessed with J.Crew. She has a personal shopper there and is friends with all the associates in all the metro Atlanta stores. When Danialle got invited to the private J.Crew event at Lenox, she picked up the phone and eagerly asked if I'd attend with her. She promised a good time (and a way to keep my mind off Mike being in Las Vegas), discount on clothes and drinks. I was sold.

After a heinous day and an hours worth of traffic on the way home, I was ready for a drink and some retail therapy. This event was the cure for my stressed out day! In no time, I had a dressing room started and a drink by the amazing crew at Holeman and Finch (a favorite bar of Mike and I's was catering the event). I wasn't concerned on spending money, I just wanted to have fun. After knocking out some immediate no's, I was able to score some awesome items at J.Crew (all with a 15% discount)! I picked up all of the below items as well as an adorable necklace which I couldn't find online to show.

3 inch Chino shorts in Light Sage
3 inch Chino shorts in Shadow
Katie Color Block Cami in Orchid Blue
Jenny Dress in Deep Peri
Summerweight Chino (bermuda short) in Sweet Moss
Colette Dress in Heather Nickel (shown here in Faded Black)
Currently I'm rocking the Colette Dress in Heather Nickel and my new necklace! Thanks for the new outfit, J.Crew!

Also, the highlight of the event was that Jenna Lyons, J.Crew's Creative Director, was going to be there. Not only was she there, we got to meet her and chat with her for a few minutes! Jenna is totally down to earth and personable.  She looked amazing and told us that not only does she love sequins, she wears them at minimum, 3 times per week! So fun to chat with her and even more fun that Danialle got to meet her fashion icon! What a great role model for J.Crew and all fashionistas out there!

After 3 attempts at a normal photo, Jenna decided this is what was needed. 
Overall, I spent way too much money, found a new personal shopper (thanks, Natalie) and had a great time with my sister in law! Thanks Danialle for the invite, can't wait to do it again!

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Lauren said...

OMG SO FUN!! Danialle and Jenna - HILARIOUS!!!!! Glad you and Danialle had such a good time. And I love the new clothes, super cute Mel, you did good!

Britt said...

I am so uber jealous! I am obsessed with JCrew. I tried on the Jenny dress in gray last time I was there. It fits amazing. Can't wait to get paid to go back and get it. What a fun evening!

Melissa said...

you and lauren can be twins...she wants grey too!

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