Thursday, March 24, 2011

Say A Puppy Prayer Today, Please!

My sweet friend, Devon, has a gorgeous 6yr old St. Bernard named Stella. Stella is fun loving, often times a portable heater and an overall loving pup. She even has a really cool barrel to go around her neck!

A few weeks ago Devon took Stella to the vet (and our friend, Dr. Hernandez) because she had been limping. She thought Stella might have hurt herself playing with Devon's twin sister, Ryan's dog, Beckett. Unfortunately, this was not the case. The news was much worse than this and can best be described as gut wrenching. Stella has bone cancer. This is something so sad and hard for those close to Devon and Stella to swallow. I can't imagine how Devon, her twin sister and their whole family are dealing with this. What I do know, is this family is strong and they will make it through. 
After hearing the options for Stella, Devon had to make a hard choice on what to do. Today, Stella will have her front left leg amputated. Post this surgery, she'll start chemotherapy in 2 weeks. Poor Stella girl has no idea what the coming days, months and hopefully years will bring for her as her world is about to be rocked. So today, I ask that you send big puppy prayers up for Stella. May her surgery go as planned and that she be kept safe and her recovery to be quick and pleasant. Please keep the vets, assistants, Stella, Devon and her whole family in your prayers.
Devon and Stella
Stay strong, Devon! We're all here for throughout this hard journey. We love you bunches and can't wait to play with you and Stella soon! Also, Baby Kona sends you big puppy prayers, kisses and a snuggly hug!

*all photos courtesy of PhotoSynthesis Studio (Devon's AMAZING Photography business! Be sure to check her out if you're in need of a photographer!)
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Lauren said...

And I'm crying. Can't imagine how hard this is for them, but Stella is a rockstar and she will do great! Saying lots of prayers for Stella and Devon today, and their family!! Dixon and I will say an extra doggie prayer for them tonight. :) Sending hugs and slobbery kisses their way!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

This is sooooo sad :( I'm such an animal lover and it pains me to hear about this! Thinking of Stella and hoping for the best!! WOOF WOOF

Melissa said...

Thanks to both of you! I know Stella and Devon appreciate it!

PhotoSynthesis Studio said...

Awww, you promised if I sent pictures you wouldn't make me cry. You lied...

Thanks for thinking of us today. I think she's in surgery now so I'm trying to hold it together until we hear how it went. Love you all!


Melissa said...

Well I also told you not to look :)

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