Thursday, March 31, 2011

wrapped with love on our wedding day

I've asked tons of married couples, engaged couples and single people their opinion on wedding gifts. As in from the bride to the groom on the wedding day and vice versa. I've gotten a host of mixed reviews on what people have done, are doing, would do if they were in the position. Regardless of what is spent, what matters to me when we made this decision is that we'd both have something that we would associate with our wedding day.

Mike and I decided to exchange gifts. Like most gifts we do, well its not a surprise. We set a limit of a few hundred dollars and decided not to "over spend". We both picked out things we'd like and that would be useful/important to us. What did we pick you might ask? Well, I'll let you in on a little 'non' secret!

Mike, being the crazy triathelete that he is, wanted something for his new race bike. I ponied up the cash and wrote him a check so that he could pick the best thing for him. He choose his new deep-dish front race wheel. While this will not get used everyday (it'll be used in races), it'll still go noticed for sure. My motivation, when he is racing his first full Ironman in November, he can look down and see the wheel and think of me and the support and love and encouragement he needs...hopefully to spin the extra mile and go further than he thinks he can.

I picked a ring. Why yes, I'm getting my wedding band also on our wedding day, this will be my right hand ring. I've always wanted one and well, this one will serve as a memory of our day. I picked out a gorgeous David Yurman ring (which I get to pick up today) that has not only a pearl, but some diamonds too. Nothing to blingy or flashy (my left hand has enough of that), but something gorgeous that I can wear daily as a reminder of our important big day. Also, I think this would be a great piece to pass down to our (future) daughter or (future) son for his wife ... you see my point.

While we both know what we're getting, we wont be able to use/have the items really til our wedding day. I've also got a special surprise for Mike that he has no idea about. This will also be something to keep him remembering our big day and the vows we'll make in just under a month.

What did you do on your wedding day? Did you give a gift? Or would you if you were getting married?

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Marian said...

Oh, sounds like the perfect gifts!! We exchanged gifts when we got married as well. We discussed not doing so and just saving the money, but we both wanted to get something for the other. I ended up getting him an IPad (he is a total Apple lover) and he got me a pair of diamond earrings that will always remind me of the day.

Kristin said...

J and I are doing the same thing! We agreed that we would rather give each other something that we will love and cherish. So, I picked out a ring from Tiffany's that we are going to have set with Blue Topez, which is my birthstone and can also be my something blue. Then, J is going to pick out a watch. He's wanted a nice watch for a while and I haven't gotten him one because I wasn't sure what he would like and if he wears it every day I want him to love it. :)

Nicole-Lynn said...

Your gifts to eachother are great! :) It's not looking like we'll be able to do gifts, but we're definitely doing cards!

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