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We Survived! (thank god) : Bachelorette Weekend In Nashville Wrap Up

 We embarked on our journey around 2pm on Friday. 5 girls. One car. 250-ish miles til Nashville, Tennessee. With everyone buckled up, bags packed and the iPod streaming through the radio, we were on our way.

We arrived in Nashville around 4:30pm that afternoon and headed to check in. The hotel man, Ben, offered us an upgrade to a suite (fully equipped with a parlor is a parlor room). What he didn't tell us right off the bat was that the upgrade would cost us $650. We kindly declined and stuck with our 2 "free" hotel rooms (Thanks again, Lauren and her dad, Sir Todd for the Marriott points) that were side by side. 3 in one. 2 in the other. We chilled out, unpacked and got ready for dinner and the night out.

headed to dinner
Merchant's was our first stop in Nashville. This restaurant is super cool and has a great atmosphere. The food was amazing as always as were the drinks. Lots of drinks to be exact. Once we wrapped up our dinners, a nice crew of boys arrived at the bar and of course, we had to make friends. I had this adorably glittery book of things I had to complete by the time we were packed up and ready to head home on Sunday. What a better time to start than at Merchant's right? After Maria went up and found out that the group of boys was in fact a Bachelor party, we soon started to make friends. I convinced one of the guys, Will, to get me a drink. My first task of the book seemed so easy and carefree! Turns our we'd later run into this crew throughout the rest of the weekend!

Post dinner and some shots at the bar with our new friends, we headed over to Paradise Park, which has got to be the crappiest bar in Nashville. The place was packed and we were on a mission to get stuff in the book done. First up, get a guys boxers. With one fail swoop and very little convincing, this was the product in hand.
shocked that he dropped his pants IN the bar and handed me these!
they were all about helping!
After this and achieving a few more things in the book, we were on our way. We jumped in a cab and headed up to Whiskey Kitchen in the Gulch area. We headed to Whiskey Kitchen on a whim and  a suggestion from the maitre d from Merchants. When we got there, we stayed about less than 5 minutes. Really, we stayed long enough for me to complete 1 thing in my glittery book (kiss a bald mans head - his name was Trey. He had nachos) then we promptly went out to hail a cab via high kicking. We headed back towards downtown Nashville and made our way to The Stage! The fun really set in here. What was supposed to be the chill night turned into the crazy night. We ended up finding a spot at a bar and a different bachelor party that was full of good times. They were bound and determined to get my glittery book of fun finished by the end of the night. True story, they did a good job. With one guy with his shirt off and almost kicked out of the bar, shots galore and who knows what else, we ended up having the best time.
poor guy almost got kicked out of the bar because of me!

blow job shots with the Bachelor
Kerri and I headed out back to the hotel just before 2am and Lauren, Maria and Courtney stayed out to have some more fun and search for food. Around 3:30 when the pizza I ordered finally arrived, the 3 chicas were stumbling back in. Thank God we all made it back to the hotel in one piece and with all of our belongings.

Nash Trash Tour Bus
Saturday morning was pretty rough. We didn't really get moving until close to 11AM. Brunch at 417 was pretty good and the fried food and diet coke really helped ease the hangover. Post brunch, we embarked on our afternoon adventure, The Nash Trash Tour. All I have to say is ... DO IT if you're ever in Nashville. Totally worth the money. It was beyond hysterical for a solid 1.5 hours with a pit stop at the Country Music Hall of Fame (long enough stop to shop, get a beverage, potty and take some pictures with the Jugg Sisters). Not only do you get to go on a driving tour around Nashville, you get entertained by the Jugg Sisters and also get the chance for some real high class Cheese-Whiz and crackers! Overall, totally worth the money and such a good time! I can't wait to go back to Nashville and take some other people on the tour!
the Jugg Sisters
mmm. Cheeze Whiz
loved this tour!
during the pit stop at Country Music Hall of Fame
at Cabana with my pimp cup
Saturday night was more calm and under control in comparison to Friday night. With everyone in black and myself in red, we headed on down to Cabana for dinner. We were nestled in the back of the restaurant in our own private cabana (with speakers to use personal iPods - thanks Maria for the playlist!). Dinner was good, the mood was much calmer and Willie made his first appearance! Post dinner at Cabana, we headed back down to Broadway and started our night of fun at Tootsies, a prime Nashville honkytonk/bar. Love this place! Downstairs is country and usually packed, upstairs, a little less packed and a bigger range of music! Made some friends and Willie definitely did as well. Willie even got asked to pose for pictures with other people. He's a true celebrity in Nashville!

I continued to check things off in my book and by that time, I was ready to head to Big Bang dueling piano bar just across the street. There I met another bachelorette who, believe it or not, is also getting married at Flint Hill...just a few weeks before us! Crazy huh!? We had some fun, sang some songs and I of course, got pulled on stage for a nice rendition of Canine Amore, yes, it's just as dirty as it sounds.
little black dresses ... so cute!

Willie meets the King

and then I found a big rooster on a trailer!

on stage at Big Bang!
Once the clock struck midnight, not only was this a Bachelorette party, it was also a Birthday party! We tried to make our way to Wildhorse Saloon, but by the time we arrived they were at last call and the night then quickly came to a close. We sauntered, half drunk, back to our hotel.

The trip wrapped up early Sunday and we headed back to Atlanta. The car was quiet, people were attempting to put pieces together from the weekend and then we devoured McDonald's! All in all, I'd say the weekend was a total success. I can't thank the 4 girls enough for heading up to Nashville, for Lauren and her dad's Marriott points, Kerri for organizing and for the good times we all had!

Looking forward to my next night on the town next weekend. God help Atlanta!!

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Britt said...

I LOVED reading this recap! It sounds like you all had so much fun. I wish I could have been there to enjoy it with ya'll!!!

futuremrsmathewwolfe said...

that sounds like SOOO much fun! i'm glad you had a good time. you should do another post with the entire list of things you had to do ;)

Saying I do said...

wow! sounds amazing, I'm so happy you had such a fantastic bachelorette party!

Nicole-Lynn said...

How fun! Ya'll looked like you had a nice time! Cute (and funny) pics! ;) My bachelorette is next weekend!

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