Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Update on Stella

I blogged last week about my dear friend, Devon and her puppy, Stella. Since then, Stella has had surgery to amputate her front left leg and will start chemotherapy in the coming weeks. Stella is in great spirits and is learning quick how to manage on 3 legs instead of 4.

When we all found out about the news of Stella and the surgery, we were heartbroken to hear how much money, emotional pain and struggle this would cause both Devon and Stella. Thanks to our amazing group of friends and a few emails of encouragement, a group of us was able to raise almost $700 to give Devon. She was blindsided by this generous gift this morning and her reaction can best be described as awe, shock and overwhelmed by generosity. Not only did she get a check, Stella got a goodie bag full of things (shout out to Erin F. for a fun shopping trip to PetsMart!)

Stella with her goodies!
Thanks again for all the puppy prayers and words of encouragement to Devon. It sure did brighten my day to see people care and I know Devon was blown away by the support, love and generosity of our friends.

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