Friday, October 22, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge : Day 13 & 14

I'll be gone this weekend, so here's an early day 13 and 14!

Day 13 : Goals

I feel it's always important to have goals in your life. I have met many of my goals I had set forth in my 26 years and currently have a few on the table. Some of these will be accomplished sooner than later, some maybe never, but here's a rap-sheet of what I'd like to do!
  • Run a half marathon in the next year
  • Compete in my first triathlon in the next year
  • Get married (well, clearly I'm planning my wedding, but the goal can't get checked off til April 30th!)
  • Surf
  • Own my own wedding consulting/planning company
  • Work for a non-profit company
  • Be a Young Life leader
  • Be a Mother (post the wedding of course!) 
There's plenty more but this is a good sampling of things I think I'll be able to accomplish in the near future!

Day 14 : A Picture You Love
(here's a couple!)
BAMA vs UF at the SEC Championship game last year!

A favorite photo from our eengagement pictures
This picture makes me laugh EVERY TIME I see it! Always puts a smile on my face and makes me think of good times with good people! We tore that bachelorette party up (and a few dresses too!).

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