Thursday, October 28, 2010

Things Just Got A Bit More Real

After feeling crummy ALL day yesterday (and into today) and the weather being more than just gloomy, Mike finally was on his way home from work to get me as we had our first appointment to meet with the Pastor who will be doing our wedding ceremony!

When we arrived, Rev. Britt's sweet assistant, Jane, asked us how we would like our names on our marriage certificate...GULP! We haven't talked much about our marriage licence and such so the thought of this being so real didn't enter my mind until yesterday. I put on my best cheery face and told her "Michael Scott Morris and Melissa Ann Evans". Whew! Then it was time to meet with the Rev. himself!

Rev. Britt is super sweet and a gentle, definitely southern older man. Sidenote, he has the softest hands. It's crazy how soft they are. I swear he uses gallons of lotions and I don't know what else but they are SO soft. I joke that instead of having a receiving line at the wedding, we'll just have everyone shake his hands! Ok back to the meeting... we took some time to "get to know him" and told him about us and how we met all the typical stuff. Then he basically told us how the ceremony would go. Pretty much said everything and practically married us in my opinion without doing the formal thing and using rings. Listening to him tell us how each piece of the ceremony would be laid out was exciting, scary and fun all mixed in one bag of emotion (that emotion was also followed by sickness because I still felt like junk when we were there!).  Overall, both Mike and I are thrilled he is marrying us at our ceremony and feel very confident Rev. Britt will make sure that it is just perfect for us!

He encouraged us to get our marriage license as soon as possible, in fact, we have to meet with him again in March and wants us to have it by then! EEK! We're one more step closer to our big day! The closer it gets, the more anxiety I feel, though I know things are under control!

On a funny note, Rev. Britt did mention to us that 50% of people can't get the wedding bands on! He said it's totally normal and that we shouldn't worry! I think that put us at ease (as I know that's a fear of at least mine) and gave us a good chuckle!

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Britt said...

Oh Mel, I can't wait to be apart of your special day:)

Brittany said...

:) eeek thats so exciting!

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