Tuesday, October 26, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge : Day 16

Day 16 : Your Dream House

Funny this is mentioned on the 30 challenge because Mike and I talk about it all the time! Since we're living in his already purchased condo in a high rise, it'll take us a bit to get to this type of home. Hopefully we'll be in something along these lines in the next 2 years max!

  • at least four to five bedrooms
  • at least 3.5-4 bathrooms
  • granite counter tops
  • stainless steel appliances and updated and tech savvy kitchen with 2 ovens
  • a deck in the backyard
  • double sinks in the master bath with granite counter tops
  • walk in closet in the master with custom closet design
  • an island in the kitchen with 1/2 butchers cutting block
  • a media room/man cave and alumni area for memorabilia
  • hardwoods throughout home 
  • high ceilings 
  • 2-3 fireplaces (one in master, main and basement/media area)
  • space for an office (one of the bedrooms)
  • big windows and a beautiful view
  • basement (probably housing the media room and second kitchen!)

Craftsman style or something similar. Don't want a cookie cutter home :) Beyond all the above, a house is a home and wherever and whatever it is we'll be there together to start our family and it'll be choc full of love!

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Nicole said...

I love that you want several fireplaces! That would be so wonderful! Glad to find your blog through Katie's link-up. It's so cute!

Lauren said...

Love this! And I love our online house touring... A favorite pastime. Just make sure there is a closet big enough for me to sleep in when I come over!! :)

Melissa said...

Hey Nicole! Thanks for popping over! Be sure to follow and stop back by! I just found your blog as well and started following!

Lauren, of course, you can claim a bedroom!

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