Monday, October 18, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge : Day 4-5

Day 4: Your Parents
Where to begin...let's start here.
Mother: Lynda S. Evans
Birthday: Sept 9
      Home State: Florida
Father: Daniel L. Evans
Birthday: Sept 4
     Home State: Florida

My parents met at Florida State University back in the day. Both of them originally hail from Florida as well so as you can imagine, they got married there and started their family in the same state. My dad for 20+ years worked in the banking industry and his last "corporate" job was with Wachovia. My mom worked for 17  years as a Deaf Education teacher. My parents have been married for 36 years and have two kids, my brother, Jason and well, me! Since they have been married, they've lived in Florida and only 2 other homes in Georgia. Currently, they reside in Cumming, GA.

My family started a Cryogenics, Powder Coating and Performance Racing business a few years back. My father, mother and brother all work there along with a few other employees. My dad has always been into cars and racing and to be honest I can't even tell you how many cars we've owned in the past 26 years at least that I can remember. My dad now travels constantly and only comes home every other weekend. Luckily, when I'm traveling this week, I'll get to see him cause we'll both be in Las Vegas!

My parents are great role models and I'm lucky in this day and age to say that they are still together. Granted there have been hard times, but the good times always prevail. I know that when Mike and I tie the knot, we'll lean on the knowledge we have from both our families and the values they instilled in us to make our marriage work. It's a blessing to have both our parents living, healthy and still married.

Day 5: My Siblings
I have and older brother, Jason, who is 4 years my senior. He is my hero. Not that he's had some super incredible life or that he is 'that awesome' he's just that awesome to me. I've always looked up to him and admired him for what he's done with his life and how his life has turned out.

My brother and I were never really friends til we were older. We had the typical big brother/little sister relationship where I wanted to be cool and be friends with his friends and he didn't want that. It wasn't until Jason went to college at The University of Tennessee that we started to get along...let me rephrase wasn't until he met his now wife and my sister-in-law, Danialle, that we started to get along. So technically I have 2 siblings since he's married, but well whatever. Jason has a great life, a great wife and 2 adorable puppies, Sully and Brewster! He works for my parents and runs the family powder coating/cryogenic/racing business in Cumming, GA. I'm excited to also mention that he is one of the groomsmen in our wedding while his wife, Danialle, will be one of my matrons of honor.

Here's a recent picture of Jason and I at my engagement party that he and Danialle offered up their home and co-hosted!

I couldn't imagine a life without him!

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