Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Brain Dump!

Today is one of those days. I woke up feeling blah and did all the things I knew to do to try to make myself feel better. Took a nice shower, dressed up nice for work, got Starbucks (thanks to my awesome future husband for the gift card!) and went to work. Got there, realized after 3 people told me I looked like a mess and not good...I turned right around and came home! What a waste of gas! Either way, I bring you this blog straight from me sitting in my PJ's on our couch!

So are you ready for the brain dump? I can only promise that this will be a mish-mash of stuff and try to stay with me. My head is in a fog but I've got a lot to blog!

Wedding Stuff:
-The great M&M debate thickens. Who knew M&M's were so freaking expensive! For us to get about 25lbs for our thank you's at the wedding in 2 custom colors (cream and grey) it'll cost about $250.00. SAY WHAT?! So my mom asked me about doing just regular colored M&M's instead and then saving close to $100. I thought long and hard, talked to Mike about it ... to which he responded "It'll look like a clown visited our wedding if we used the multi colored ones" ... to which I responded to my mother, "cream and grey it is!"
-Mike and I are meeting with Rev. Britt today of Peachtree Road United Methodist church. He'll be marrying us on our big day and we're excited to start the process of working with him on this. We've already attended a meeting with a marriage counselor who also works at the church and this is the next step in the process.
-Oh honey, honeymoon that is. I blogged about our honeymoon plans a while ago and now the plans are taking shape. The hotels are booked, main flights taken care of and now the daily planning begins. Mike has planned the first 2 days of our trip and he's got 10 more to go! My only requirement...we snorkel, beach, spa-it and eat good!
-Today I'll be sending off our table numbers and gift tags to be printed. Thanks to my awesome corporate print vendor for doing this for me for free.

Other stuff
-I blogged the other day on the 30 day challenge about hating tornado's. Bad news kids. As I sit here at home writing this blog, a tornado warning has just been issued for my area. AWESOME....NOT! I'm home alone and we'll have to see how this goes.
-I did a joint blog with my good friend, Lauren, about our ghost tour we did this past weekend. Go check it out and give us your thoughts on ghosts and supernatural beings!
-My dear friend Britney's husband just released the trailer to his movie The Ocean Black yesterday...go check that out!
-Had a super fun dinner with a girlfriend, Erin, last night at Verde. She's got a kick-A personality, is a vet and well, we just have a lot in common! Also, if you live in the Atlanta area and haven't checked out Verde in need to! Great food, great drinks always a good time!

That's all for now. I sure hope I feel better soon and hope that these tornado's stay clear of our little condo in Buckhead.

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Lauren said...

I was wondering where you ran off to today. I hope you are having a better day from the red couch!! And remember, should a Buckhead tornado become an issue, the closet in your condo is likely the safest place to hide. :) Hope you have a better day tomorrow my dear!! xoxo

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