Monday, October 4, 2010

The Countdown is On!

After doing my usual check email and google-reading routine in the AM, I checked the to see how many more days til I become Mrs. Morris. The number at hand...208. 208 days til I officially become a wife and change my name from Melissa Evans to Melissa Morris. I was elated to see this number has dropped from the 364 that it was and then GASPED when I realized I have 4 pages...very long and detailed pages...of work to still do to make this day happen how it should! 4 pages of stuff shouldn't be too hard to tackle, right? Well, for the average person who is around oh, 80% of the time...not a problem. But when you're me and you don't have a free weekend til January, yeah, this task seems much more daunting. Either way, it has to get done and by golly you better believe I'll make it happen. Sooooooo get ready friends. Cause operation countdown has begun and we've got 208 days til we can walk down the aisle with everything done!

Top of the list is working out. My dress when I bought it was snug. It fit, but it wasn't roomy to say the least. I've got to get my gameface on and drop a few pounds so that when April rolls up and our wedding day is here, I'll fit in my dress like a dream and make the entrance I've always wanted to. How might I be accomplishing this you might ask? Well, lets start with the fact that the alarm will be going off at 6 am 4 days a week for the next oh, 206 days (figure I'd give myself the 2 day cushion before the wedding...HA!). My plan is to run at least 2-3 miles 4 days a week and a longer run on the weekend. So far, so good. Got some new running shoes at Big Peach Running Company where they do a total foot analysis and running analysis to make sure you get the right kicks. I ended up with these little gems. A nice new pair of New Balance 759 training shoes. Not only do they look good, they feel good and fit me right. From the way I run and stand, she said they're the best fit for me. They've got about 500 miles til we get a new pair, but I think they'll do for now.

Not only will I be running in the Am, I'll also be training and running in a few races. Here's my list so far.

-Thanksgiving Day 5K (November 2010)
-Virginia Highlands Christmas 5K (December 2010)

-Charles Harris run for Leukemia 10K (February 2011)
-Publix 1/2 Marathon (March 2011)

Definitely manageable and definitely a challenge for me, especially the 1/2 marathon. I think I can do it. I'll fit in that dress like a charm come April!

So no more time to write this morning, got to check a few things off the list today. I'll be sure to keep updating on my progress both in the training and wedding side.

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LWoodsNY said...

I just ran a 1/2 marathon this weekend! you can so do it, and it's so worth it! Let me know if you want any tips or tricks! P.S. your scarf is in the mail today! ;)

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