Monday, October 18, 2010

Vacay Wrap Up!

Monday morning and the end of vacation comes too quick! Hate to say that I'm back in the office after such a fun-filled vacation to Las Vegas, NV. Here's a wrap-up of our trip and some pictures!

Thursday: Arrived in Las Vegas about 11am local time (2pm Atlanta time) and headed off to lunch at PF Changs located in Planet Hollywood casino with Mike and his mom. Had a great time and was able to catch up with her since she's been in Vegas for a week already! Mike and I were pretty jet-lagged this trip so we made sure to take a nice nap and get ready for dinner at KOI (also in Planet Hollywood) and then over to Paris Hotel for the dueling pianos at Napoleon's .

Creepy Wood Nymp at Bellagio Hotel Conservatory
Friday: Got up bright and early and got a 3 mile workout in with Mike at the hotel gym. Felt good to start the day out right! Headed to Bellagio for brunch...which I must admit is one of the best in town...with Irene, my FMIL, and Mike. After brunch, Mike and I headed out to walk around town and see what we could get into. We went to MGM and checked out the lions...they even had 17 day old lion babies! Headed on over to the M&M's our namesake of course! Rode the rollercoaster at New York New York and then walked down to Aria to do some window shopping and make dinner reservations at Mastro's Ocean Club and then finally went back to Planet Hollywood to play my favorite $.01 slot...Super Jackpot Party! After another afternoon nap, Mike, Irene and I headed to dinner at Mastro' amazing restaurant located at Aria/City Center. They have the BEST food and the coolest smoking cosmopolitans! Post dinner we met up with my future SIL and kids and then headed on over to Minus 5 ice bar at Monte Carlo. This place was AWESOME! Everything was made of ice. The walls, the seats, ice sculptures, the bar and even the cups! We had a great time and would totally do it again!

Mike, Irene and I at the conservatory in Bellagio Hotel post brunch
at M&M World
at M&M World
Mike and I at Minus 5 Ice Bar at The Monte Carlo hotel

Lizzie and Brody at the pool
Saturday: Got up and worked out with my future SIL, Melissa, and then headed over to Planet Hollywood to watch some pigskin! Took my future niece and nephew to the pool and had a great time playing around in the water, although a little chilly, and watching them swim. It's amazing to see how good Lizzie is and she's only 4! Brody isn't swimming alone just yet, but certainly is eager to start! Melissa and I took Lizzie to the world of M&M's and caught the 3D movie there...pretty cool if you ask me! 4 floors of M&M's in all colors, shapes and sizes. Mike and I then took my dad to dinner and The Beatles LOVE Cirque show at The Mirage. Dinner at BB Kings was great and the show was out of this world! It was really nice to be able to hang out with my dad while on vacation.
with my dad and Mike at The Mirage post The Beatles Love show

Sunday: Sat behind a screaming child and her super chatty brother all the way back to Atlanta :) The only saving grace, I could watch TV on the plane!

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Katie said...

The Bellagio had that same creepy wood guy when I was there in October 2 years ago. Guess they don't change it up much. Looks like you had a fun trip!

Melissa said...

yes! he's so creepy! at least he doesn't move his eyes like the other tree does most of the year! wish i had gotten other pics of the amazing flowers!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

looks so fun

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