Friday, October 29, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge : Day 19

I miss lots of things, usually people! I miss times in my life where things seemed SO much easier and now they seem harder, but that's part of growing up and being a real adult! Here's a short rap sheet of some of the things I miss!

College at The University of Alabama! I had a blast when I was there! Met a ton of great people (to which I miss most of them as well!), had some awesome adventures and learned what it was like to grow up. It was the first time I was "on my own".
My first car! I had a Chevy 2-Door Tahoe. Snagged one of the last ones in Atlanta! I loved that thing! His name was Patrik and he got me all the places I needed to be!This is a pic I snagged from but mine was in a bright green but looked just like this!

My friends who live too far away! 

My buddy from UA, Tyler! 
My other good guy friend from UA, Parker

My friend, Stephanie, who got married in June and then moved to Egypt! She'll be home in a mere few short months to be a part of our wedding! It's also her birthday today, so Happy Birthday, Steph!

My friend, Britney, who lives in LA but will be home in a few shorts weeks for Thanksgiving (YAY) and then again for our wedding as she's a bridesmaid too!

My other good friend from college, Alison, but I can't find a good picture of us on this computer so sorry, AL for not having one handy! 

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